Girl, Join The Table: Redefining and Sharing Success of Young Women

As a senior in college, I hear almost every day “so what do you want to do after you graduate” and I’d be lying if I wasn’t guilty of asking the same. Despite the perfect five-year plan that college women are supposed to come up with their freshman year, most of us don’t have a clue on what we want to do for the rest of our lives. We’re encouraged to take on internships, study abroad, and do things that’ll help fuel our passions. But what about women like me who have had four internships and that plan we created is not working?

Think about it. When you were 21, did you see yourself doing what you are doing now or stick to your five-year plan? 

After my last internship, I asked myself what really mattered to me. I realized what mattered was being a doer, not just a dreamer, and I opened a business at 20-years-old to redefine my success. It hasn't been easy, but I believe there will never be a perfect time to take a risk. Most women believe that they are not in the right place in life, that they don’t have enough money, or that no one will take their passion seriously. After dozens of young women reached out to me about how I started my business and how they wanted to do the same, it fueled my fire to serve because I realized how many women feel the same way I felt.

Today I am fortunate enough to show women how to find their passion through my organization: Girl, Join The Table. My organization aims to redefine what success looks like for young women. It is my goal to equip women with the tools she needs to redefine her success. Through Table Talks, I strive to teach young women the truths of successfully owning a business, expanding their creativity, valuing their ideas, and believing in their brand.

Throughout my year of service, I will strive to continue to use my organization to invite young women to the table. I will host a Girl, Join The Table Tour event in this community, specifically at surrounding universities and high schools, and will invite a panelist of local businesswomen to share their success with young women. I believe that if we don’t pass on the baton to women who feel stuck and unhappy like I did, then who will?

At each event, we will cover topics during our Table Talks such as business 101, marketing, branding, beating the algorithm, budgeting, and finances. Participants will also have time to network and ask panelists questions during our breakout sessions. It's my goal for at least one young woman to walk away from an event with a deeper understanding of how to value their ideas and create relationships with women who want to do the same.

Young women are also able to access resources online through my organization's website. I am excited to launch a podcast, featuring women across the country that I have personally helped redefine their success. It's important to hear how everyday women took one step of faith and grew not just their business, but their confidence and relationships. 

I believe that the possibilities are endless for what success can look like for this community. Aligning with the Miss America Organization will push the value of entrepreneurship, creativity, and confidence. As a 21-year-old businesswoman, it will be my legacy to redefine success for women like me because I believe that if they can see her, they can be her.



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